The Flaming Lips | Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots – 2002

Making Indie safe, for me

Ok, this is one of my favourites.

[Update from Susan C. probably working Nestle Darling Harbour, maybe just before joining the Confectionery Division – maybe Nestle Food Services with Rob N.]

[Update from Marg, of course it was Food Services with Rob N. – I took the call from Rob when he found his Son and new Daughter-in-law were in the Twin Towers during September 11. Tragically, only his son got out.]

2002 working at Nestle, maybe reporting to Steve R? Although it may have been before his return. I may have been reporting to the lovely Natasha L. (maybe some Nestle friends have a better memories of the timings and can help, 2002 Nestle?). The Nestle Confectionery division is amongst my favourite places to work. There was a stronger business understanding in Supply Chain than I have seen in other companies. You would deal with all most all areas of the business on a daily basis. And the people were cool.

The Flaming Lips have been described as a psychedelic experimental rock band, but they are much more. Despite the sci-fi themed songs there is great compassion and accessibility in the bands lyrics. The song “Do You Realise??” was named the official rock song of Oklahoma in 2009.

To my embarrassment, I owe the listening to this album to Richard Glover on ABC 702 Sydney. I won a radio quiz with one of the clues being a Flaming Lips song, maybe Yoshimi. I’d won a few times previously and was able to have Revolution No. 9 by the Beatles to be played on ABC radio, maybe some punk as well on other occasions. I’d never heard the Flaming Lips before, as was in fact I’d avoided the Indie shelves in record stores, thinking they were too hardcore, mistaking Indie for Thrash. It’s now the first place I look for music.

The songs on this album are acoustic guitar based, and layered with a smattering of weird and wonderful noises and bass sound. The Flaming Lips are a band that focuses on the sound they make. Each song is a full soundscape.

This is a band of seemingly endless invention, in big and small things. Among their last 4 albums were; a full cover of “Dark Side of the Moon”, and full length movie and soundtrack called “Christmas on Mars” and the latest release of three songs, which is meant to be on a USB inserted into a 3kg gummy Skull.

I have never been to a Flaming Lips concert, but they a touted as one of the 50 bands to see before you die.

Anyway, find a way to listen to this album a few times. This is one that will reward you and may open up other areas.

It is well worth following Wayne Coyne on Twitter. Interesting comments and lots of photos linked. #waynecoyne
Track listing:

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