The Avalanches | Since I Left You – 2000

An earlier version of myself would think me crazy in the coconut.

The year 2000, we had survived the Y2K apocalypse. We rose from those smoking ruins and decided to leave the wide open spaces of inner city. We chose to bunker down in suburban Ryde. Our final steps from inner city living to a suburban life. We were making a new home.

Petersham was great and had provided a home for us to begin married life, but it was time to move on. We painted walls and trimmings, re-paved the backyard, re-sheltered the rear porch. We had the floorboards in the main bedrooms replaced and polished. After several weeks of working all weekends and every evening, it was complete. The place had never looked so good. It would be a shame to leave.

We had a two year old Caitlin and a 6 year old Liam both sharing a room, and a small backyard. There was no room to be alone if you needed.  Petersham was fun, and we were on speaking terms with most of our neighbours; whether they were cat lovers, rednecks, drug dealers, or just wife beating psychotics.

But I felt crowded.

We needed room to grow, and room for sanity. After a few disappointments, we found a small wooden house with a tremendous backyard. (Marg, of course, was doing all the work, searching, researching and travelling from open house to open house)

The Real Estate agent who recommended our new home was a lovely old fellow, but seemed to be a little bit out of touch. The idea he was trying to get across was that there was much more than first meets the eye on this property. What appeared to be a small wooden house, opens up to a much larger family property with a stunning  backyard that opens further onto a small bush reserve. How he actually presented the property was, ‘The Gay Deceiver’. He would have been better served by falling back on to tried and true stock phrases,  that this place had potential, it had location, it was a place you could settle with a wife and two children, maybe a dog and a couple of chickens. A place to bury your goldfish in the backyard.

The move from Petersham to Ryde was an Olympic event. We watch the opening ceremony on TV in Petersham and moved a couple of days later. The TV reception in Ryde was all but unwatchable. So, we went to a couple of live events. We met Fiona M. at the Olympic stadium on the morning of the 29th of September to watch the heats of the woman’s 4×100 relay. Australia dropped the baton and recorded a DNF, great disappointment for Melinda Gainsford-Taylor.

We had more fun on a hot Tuesday the 19th of September watching the Men’s C2 qualifying, men’s K1 qualifying at the whitewater arena in Penrith. The course was designed by former Olympian Kayak, John Felton. John is currently a senior Exercise Physiologist and Clinic Director at the Exercise Clinic in Crows Nest. A place I call old people’s gym. I go there three times a week now.

All that time I was working in Darling Harbour. It was a party. And finally that leads on to the album.

The album start like a welcome to a party in a time-warp and continues as the party travels through various countries. It’s a dance / party / concept album. This album is fun and dense, but what you notice is that this is a dance album that isn’t driven by pounding bass.

This album is driven by samples of other songs. There have been estimates of 3,500 samples. I could name about a half dozen. The ones that stand out for me are: Kid Creole and the Coconuts- Stool Pigeon, Tammy -Debbie Reynolds, and lots of Wayne and Shuster. Apparently ‘Holiday’ by Madonna is sampled somewhere on this. Wayne and Shuster were a Canadian comedy troupe. They are widely sampled on Frontier Psychiatrist. You may know them better from there work with ‘Rinse the Blood from my Toga’.

Throughout the album tracks bleed into each other, and samples used in one track will show up in two or three others. This is chaotically thrown together, the best sort of party. Throughout you hear static, record cracks and pops and speed changes. It gives the sound a party feel and the noise of a carnival or circus. Looking at pictures, they don’t appear the biggest party animals. You never can tell.

Another album worth a listen, it spent 25 weeks in the UK charts. Before you do, check out the video clips for two of the albums singles, ‘Since I Left You’ and ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ and see if they grab you.

No. Title Length
1. “Since I Left You” 4:22
2. “Stay Another Season” 2:18
3. “Radio” 4:22
4. “Two Hearts in 3/4 Time” 3:23
5. “Avalanche Rock” 0:22
6. “Flight Tonight” 3:53
7. “Close to You” 3:54
8. “Diners Only” 1:35
9. “A Different Feeling” 4:22
10. “Electricity” 3:29
11. “Tonight” 2:20
12. “Pablo’s Cruise” 0:52
13. “Frontier Psychiatrist” 4:47
14. “Etoh” 5:02
15. “Summer Crane” 4:38
16. “Little Journey” 1:35
17. “Live at Dominoes” 5:39
18. “Extra Kings” 3:46

Partial Sample Credits

  • “Since I Left You” contains samples of:
    • “Everyday” by The Main Attraction
    • “Anema E Core” and “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” by Tony Mottola
    • “Daddy Rich” by Rose Royce
    • “The Sky’s the Limit” by The Duprees
    • “Take Off Your Make Up” by Lamont Dozier
    • “Let’s Do the Latin Hustle” by Klaus Wunderlich
  • “Stay Another Season” contains samples of:
    • “Cinnamon and Clove” by Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66
    • “Gopher” by Yma Sumac
    • “Holiday” by Madonna
  • “Radio” contains samples of:
    • “Fat City Strut” by Mandrill
    • “I Was a TV Addict” by Wayne and Shuster
    • “One Must Cry” by The Main Attraction
  • “Two Hearts in 3/4 Time” contains samples of:
    • “Rosemary” from the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
    • “Money, Money”, “Tiller Girls” and “If You Could See Her” from the film Cabaret
    • “With a Little Help” by Tony Mottola and The Free Design
    • “Yu-Ma” by Marlena Shaw
    • “Ghost Story” by John Cale
  • “Avalanche Rock” contains samples of:
    • “Glaciers of Ice” by Raekwon featuring Masta Killa and Ghostface Killah
    • “Bang Bang” by Xavier Cugat
  • “Flight Tonight” contains samples of:
    • “Richard Pryor Dialogue” by Richard Pryor, originally from and released on the soundtrack to the film Car Wash
    • “Wicked She Wicked” by Billy Boyo
    • “Been Had” by Sapo
    • “Rock the Box” by Sylvester
    • “More Than U Know” by Prince Paul featuring De La Soul
  • “Close to You” contains samples of:
    • “Tell Me When You Need It Again” by The Isley Brothers
    • “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by The Moog Machine
    • “Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life” by Nancy Wilson
    • “La Playa” by Xavier Cugat
    • “Sparkle” by Camp Lo
    • “Stool Pigeon” by Kid Creole and the Coconuts
    • The theme from the TV series Quiller
  • “Diners Only” contains samples of:
    • “Love in C Minor” by Cerrone
    • The film Midnight Run
    • “Sparkle” by Camp Lo
  • “A Different Feeling” contains samples of:
    • “Slam Dance” and “The Climax” by Paperclip People
    • “Tammy” by Debbie Reynolds
    • “If I’m Wrong” by The Main Attraction
  • “Electricity” contains samples of:
    • “Rapp Dirty” by Blowfly
    • “Da Funk” by Daft Punk
  • “Tonight” contains samples of:
    • “Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life” by Nancy Wilson
  • “Pablo’s Cruise” contains samples of:
    • “Tugboat Tocatta” by Moondog
  • “Frontier Psychiatrist” contains samples of:
    • The film Polyester
    • “My Way of Life” by Enoch Light
    • “Frontier Psychiatrist”, “I Was a TV Addict” and “A Shakespearean Baseball Game” byWayne and Shuster
    • “Cowboys & Colored People”, “Midget” and “Riot Suit” by Flip Wilson
    • “Wade in the Water” by Harvey Mandel
    • “El Negro Zumbon” by Flo Sandon’s/Silvana Mangano
    • The film The ‘Burbs
  • “Etoh” contains samples of:
    • “Western Union” by The Five Americans
  • “Summer Crane” contains samples of:
    • “Oh Oh Cheri” by Françoise Hardy
    • “H2 Overture” by War
    • “Aquarius” by Edmundo Ros
    • “Dimension 5ive” by The 5th Dimension
    • “Hebrew Melody” by Clara Rockmore
    • “Boogie Nights” by Heatwave
  • “Little Journey” contains samples of:
    • “Midnight Voyage” by The Mamas and the Papas
    • “Higher” by Towa Tei
    • “Holiday” by Madonna
  • “Live at Dominoes” contains samples of:
    • “Ma Baker” by Boney M.
    • “Dimension 5ive” by The 5th Dimension
    • “Outrun” by Thomas Bangalter
    • “Haiti” by The Rio Carnival Orchestra
  • “Extra Kings” contains samples of:
    • “H2 Overture” by War
    • “Theme from The Sand Pebbles” by Enoch Light
    • “Let Me In” by The Osmonds


  • Gordon McQuilten – pianos, percussion
  • James De la Cruz – turntables
  • Antoinette Halloran – vocals
  • Sally Russell – vocals
  • Darren Seltmann
  • Robbie Chater


  • Bobbydazzler – mixing
  • Tony Espie – mixing
  • Richie Robinson – mixing
  • Dave Davies – assistant engineer
  • Jimi Maroudas – assistant engineer
  • Matt Maddock – assistant engineer
  • Chris Corby – assistant engineer
  • Mike Marsh – mastering
  • Darren Seltmann – mixing, producer
  • Robbie Chater – mixing, producer
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