The darkened room

Medically Interesting: The journey of Zac.

When Zac joined our family, he was delivered two parents who are both similar and yet very different.  In times of low stress we are two beings delighting in each other.  Especially joyous are our quirks or differences.  Kate’s passion for humans and animals alike, her love of new experiences, especially outdoor art and culinary exploration.  My enjoyment of both sport and politics, love of spreadsheets and joy of an unplanned life.

Yet in times of high stress and even those of constant stress that dresses itself as something else, the differences in our styles arrive, often hunting the worse moments.  Sick this weekend and working full time (Kate describes me as the cash-cow, she being the milk-cow), the primary “care” as it stands now rests with Kate.  Zac living in the NICU changes what care looks like: less feeding, changing and monitoring; more visiting, kangaroo cuddles and medical journey.

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